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Top 4 Benefits You Didn't Know About Aromatherapy

Posted by Nic Ma on
Top 4 Benefits You Didn't Know About Aromatherapy

If you’re like most people, you know all about aromatherapy by now.  It’s got some great benefits to it, and it’s popular for a reason right?  But, what actually are those benefits going to transfer to?  And how do you know if they’re worth your time and effort to educate yourself on the world of aromatherapy?  

One of the best things that you can do is step back from what you already know about aromatherapy, and take a look at just what else is out there waiting for you.

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Reduces bacteria and fungus

Some say that bacteria and fungus can’t be killed by aromatherapy or, more specifically, essential oils, but this is false!  Essential oils can actually kill bacteria, virus particles, and fungus spores. You must use the right kinds of essential oils to do that, of course, and use them responsibly in a diffuser.  But, this is a very real benefit that holds up against testing when it comes to aromatherapy!

For those that are in shared spaces, such as roommates or co-op situations, this kind of thing is very important in our modern and sickness-filled world.  This is something to seriously think about as something that you can use to literally clean the air.

What causes your digestive system weak and unhealthy? - The Statesman

Improves digestion

Our bodies are much more in need of support than many realize.  Aromatherapy through essential oils will help with digestion, even it seems too good to be true, When inhaling the right oils in the right dosages (sense the theme?), you’ll be find noticeable differences when it comes to digestion.  Is it a cure to serious and severe stomach and digestion issues? No, of course not!  But, it’ll certainly help you a lot to regulate digestion as much as possible.

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Relieves side effects

Yes, really!  Aromatherapy can help ease nausea, headaches, aches and pains, and that general unwell feeling caused by some diseases or treatments. If you're constantly fighting against flus, asthma, or other respiratory diseases, aromatherapy can help curb those or even alleviate the mild ones entirely, offering a simple recovery. 

Our flagship product FORESTCURE Premium Essential Oil is a licensed Natural Health Product approved by Health Canada with proven benefits in helping reliving symptoms related to cold, cough, and headache.  

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Improves immunity

These days, immunity is essential for keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe.  While eating right is going to be important for immunity, as is staying hydrated and sleeping, the right potent essential oils can help a lot, too!  Why not give your immunity level a workout while you’re resting at home, right?   The stronger your defences the better, after all.  

To help you see it all in true form, FORESTCURE has a potent all-natural essential oil blend that will support you on the path to better health, not to mention all of its very palpable health benefits that you may or may not have heart about.  With a gentle refreshing, forest-like scent, this will also dress up your space perfectly to give you everything you could hope for!

So, the next time that someone tells you that aromatherapy has no proven health benefits or that it’s all “hooey,” show this to them and help them see that there really is some serious, important science to back up this age-old medical practice!

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