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Cut Your Cold: The Essential Role of Essential Oils

Posted by Nic M on
Cut Your Cold: The Essential Role of Essential Oils

When you get the sniffles and start to cough, you may resign yourself to the fact that you’re going to be fighting a cold for the next week or so.  Sometimes even longer, since the symptoms can linger long after the actual cold itself has faded.  But what if you could simply make the symptoms disappear?  You can get pretty close by understanding the role of essential oils.

What do essential oils do to the body?

There’s a common misconception that essential oils just smell good.  However, essential oils are actually natural medicine.  They’ve been used generation after generation and were what our modern-day medication is derived from.

Modern medicine will suppress the symptoms you are feeling, whereas essential oils will actually treat the symptoms and make you feel like you’re actually not sick.  Are you still technically sick with a cold?  Yes, but you won’t feel like it!

Essential oils will support your body’s functions and restore your balance to normal, rather than just “make you pretend” everything is okay.  The key, of course, is to use them in the right dosages.  Then, of course, you need to use an essential oil that’s actually helpful for your cold!

How do essential oils help cold symptoms?

If you’re looking at FORESTCURE Premium Essential Oil for cold treatment, let’s take a detailed look at just how it can offer that symptom relief that you not only want but deserve.  All without touching an OTC option:

  • Through a diffuser: One of the things that everyone does when they are sick, is close themselves in.  However, there’s a reason why your grandmother always opened the window to let the fresh air in!  It’s good for killing germs and generally freshening the air to help you feel better.  When using essential oils in a diffuser, you’ll be able to purify the air without touching the window.
  • In aromatherapy: When using it in classic aromatherapy ways, you’ll notice that FORESTCURE’s active ingredients can offer noticeable relief in congestion, aches and pains, and a mind fog that comes from blocked sinuses.
  • As a calming agent: Another way it helps is as a calming agent.  Most people don’t sleep well when they're sick. This will help you fall asleep easier and will allow you to sleep deeply, which is essential for the healing process of the cold itself. You always feel better when you wake up after a good night’s sleep, right?
  • Stimulate appetite: Essential oils have a way of waking our body up a bit, too  This includes stimulating appetite. The more you fuel your body through healthy food, the faster you’ll recover!

The bottom line

When you read those points above, you can see just how it’s not really anything out of the ordinary.  Which is exactly the point!  Using essential oils as reliable and perceptible cold symptoms treatment isn’t going to be magic or anything like it, it’s just plain reliable, down-to-earth care.

When you want something that is going to offer comfort and relief to help you get on with your day and also get a good night’s sleep. That’s exactly what you deserve, and you don’t need to rely on a never-ending stream of expensive cold tablets to get it!

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