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Cedar Leaf Pure Essential Oil For Cleansing 10ml


Naturally Derived Air Sanitizer And Purifier For Air

Suitable for home or commercial use, cleanse and purify the air you share with naturally antibacterial plant oils from the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Neutralizes 99.9% of airborne bacterias and viruses, including COVID-19

  • Effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses
  • Scientifically tested by respected organizations
  • All-natural, no alcohol, no chemical
  • Cleanse the air in your room: Clean the air you breathe. Our natural oil is formulated to cleanse and purify the air in your home–simply put some in your oil diffuser and let it do its work.

    Bask in the aroma of the forest: This 50ml air freshener oil is packed with plant extracts that give it a rich and refreshing woodsy aroma. Feel your energy lift every time you breathe in.

    Natural ingredients: Our essential oil is made in Canada using only plant extracts that have been found to help neutralize dangerous, airborne threats. We do not use alcohol or any synthetic materials.

    Tried and tested: Harness the pure protective power of the natural world. Our tree-based essential oil blends for home have passed stringent quality certifications from Canada, the US, and China.

    Shelf life: 2 years without opening / 6 months after opening

Customer Reviews

Based on 285 reviews
Roberta Hutchison
Forest Cure Oil Review

My husband had a heart attack and I've been so busy taking care of him that I haven't had a chance to properly evaluate your product. But I will. Asking patience please.

Esther C.
smells like pine trees

Thanks to this essential oil, my apartment now smells like pine trees. I love the fresh fragrance and it helps me fall asleep.

Emily S.
makes my room smell like the fores

This essential oil smells SO good, it makes my room smell like the forest. I moved from western Canada to a large city in the USA so it’s hard for me to get out in the wilderness. Thank you for making my room smell like my hometown.

Great oils and service

This is a lovely oil blend. It smells great! Great customer service and a great product!

Buying more

Great smell. Very happy with it!