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FORESTCURE Instant Cleansing Mist


Plant-based, alcohol-free hand sanitizer spray alternative 

Derived from plant extracts, this deep cleansing and moisturizing sanitizer, also effective on surfaces, provides multi-layer protection for you and your family. With the ability to inactivate viruses, kill bacteria, and naturally repel insects, it’s the ultimate convenient personal care solution. All ingredients contained in FORESTCURE Instant Cleansing Mist are among Health Canada's Natural Health Products (NHP) ingredient list. 

  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses
  • Alcohol and ethanol free
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Refreshing woodsy scent
  • Gentle yet potent: Unlike alcohol-based sprays, our essential oils sanitizer uses only botanical extracts to clean your skin, leaving no residue or odor that will irritate your nose.

    More than a cleaning solution: Formulated with exfoliating white willow bark and cleansing pine leaf extracts, our rinse-free hand spray is sure to keep your hands smooth and clean all the time.

    Enjoy soft, hydrated skin: Sanitize without drying out your hands. Our mist contains Vit B5, star anise fruit, and German chamomile extracts, which all have soothing and moisturizing properties.

    Calming aroma: Fall in love with our spray's refreshing scent. Our essential oil spray mixes a woody fragrance with the bittersweet aroma of juniper berry and hints of fruity and floral rose geranium.

    Use it on various surfaces: Use this natural sanitizer on your clothes, pillow, car, furniture, toys, and tables. Since it comes in a travel-size 30ml spray bottle, you can easily bring it anywhere.

    Size: 30ml

    Shelf life: 3 years without opening / 6 months after opening

    Formulated by: Forestcure Biotech Inc.

    Specs: Length: 3.5cm Width: 3.5cm Height: 12cm Weight: 77g

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Yun Zhao
Super cute mist

This spray smells so good! I get compliments every time I use it.

Tanya A.

I love this so much…! I can carry it in my bag everywhere and it smells like a big forest. So glad I bought this, I don’t ever have to deal with the smell of alcohol anymore

Best in the market

I have super dry hands and this sanitizer helps moisturize my skin and my cuticles! There’s no other product like this in the market. Buy buy buy!

I love this~

I luv this so much >< when I spray it the surroundings smell like pine trees and rain!! I def prefer this over the traditional alcohol hand sanitizers. The bottle is so cute as well!!

Best hand sanitizer

Possibly the best smelling hand sanitizer I’ve ever used!