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Cold Extraction Essential Oil Diffuser


Portable air hygiene for every room in your home 

FORESTCURE Cold Extraction Diffuser produces cold-extracted essential oil vapor silently and efficiently. Industrial quality metal anti-bacterial grille for enhanced diffusion. Pair with FORESTCURE premium essential oil to provide invisible protection and improved respiratory health for your loved ones.

  • Vaporize without adding water or heat
  • Easily portable
  • 48hr use per charge
  • Purifies air
  • Material: The FORESTCURE Cold Extraction Diffuser adopts an advanced German industrial design and produces cold-extracted essential oil vapor without the need of adding water or heat. The product’s metallic anti-bacterial grille enhances the diffusion of essential oils. The highly transparent protective cover is made of special polymer composite material, providing a long-lasting protection to the interior. 

    Where To Use: With an ultra-low decibel silent mode and a 5ml essential oil infusion, the diffuser can be placed in bedrooms, offices, studies, and any other quiet space. 

    Run time: Once fully charged, the diffuser can emit vapor continuously for 48 hours while leaving no water or residue behind. 

    Charging: Charging cord is compatible with North American outlets. Orders outside of North America require a plug adapter.

    Specs: Length: 10cm Width: 8cm Height: 21cm, Weight: 659g

Customer Reviews

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Order - Charger

I purchased in Kickstarter and the charger does not work.
Can I purchase a new one instead.
Kindly advise.