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Find Your Natural Cure

Posted by David Li on
Find Your Natural Cure

Essential oils have become an essential aspect of many households owing to their therapeutic qualities, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

The most common use of essential oils is aromatherapy. As an increasing number of people stay indoors for a more extended period of time, an advanced and safe purifying method is required to maintain a clean and healthy environment indoors to protect themselves against this virus which is mutating on a daily basis.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are natural and wholly healthy plant extracts that capture the plants' flavor or "essence." Unique aromatic compounds are extracted through distillation or mechanical methods from different plant parts such as leaves, roots, seeds, and stems. Once the aromatic chemicals are extracted, they are mixed with a carrier oil to create the final product. 

The way oils are made crucial given they are inhaled and applied on the skin by customers. Inappropriate extraction can lead to allergic reactions as it damages or alters the chemical signature of the essential oils, which can have fatal effects. 

FOREST CURE is a premium company based in Canada that produces essential oils with extra care and modern procedure, given the sensitivity of the product. Especially extracted from the lush green forests of British Columbia, the essential oils are carefully steam-distilled by fresh conifer needles making is absolutely sterile and thus healthy to use. 

Uses of Essential Oils 

Essential oils are used for therapeutic purposes, and they can be used in various ways; through absorption and inhalation. Research at Healthline indicates that inhaling the aroma through essential oils stimulates a part of the brain that plays an active role in emotions, behavior, and long-term memory. 

The benefits of essential oils are extensive, from acting as antioxidants and relieving anxiety and depression to their extensive use in the cosmetic industry. Essential oils, due to their natural antioxidant properties, are rapidly gaining popularity. 

The essential oils heavily influence the brain's limbic system in control of emotions and memories; this is one reason why some scents can be nostalgic. Additionally, the limbic system regulates the involuntary actions of our body, such as heart rate and breathing – aromatherapy can, therefore, have a calming effect on your mind as well as your body.


Given the tremendous benefits of carefully produced essential oils and the increasing safety concerns caused due to COVID-19, FOREST CURE provides the most effective essential oils that are not only beautifully scented but have remarkable health benefits in terms of COVID-19. 

Premium Essential Oils is the flagship product of FOREST CURE. Unlike many essential oils out there, FOREST CURE is known to produce 100% natural and organic products free from any chemical interference. 

 The scientific team at FOREST CURE, led by DR. James B. Hudson – one of the leading researchers at UBC, has studied the immense benefits of FOREST CURE's flagship product, Premium Essential Oil, for eight years and has proven its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. 

This completely natural, alcohol-free product provides gentle care for your skin while creating a healthy environment around you. 

FOREST CURE offers a range of essential oils along with the most practical diffusers and humidifiers. This not only makes it a very thoughtful gift owing to the current scenario, but you can create for yourself a spa-like healthy environment with the most beautiful scents extracted from the northern coastal mountains of Canada. 

How Essential Oils work 

The recent awareness of the harmful viruses and bacteria can cause resulted in people taking extra precautions to keep their environment safe, healthy, and sanitized at all times. FOREST CURE provides the perfect alternative organic solution to keep your environment safe at all times. From home to offices and massive public spaces like shopping malls, FOREST CURE’s Essential oils ultra-high purity compound makes them an effective disinfectant that can efficiently inactivate viruses and bacteria. They are essential for rapid air purification, available at all times. 

FOREST CURE's Premium Essential Oil paired with FOREST CURE's essential oil diffusers help you achieve that optimal sanitization effect with mesmerizing fragrances. This way, you can ensure your family, especially your pets and kids, employees, and friends, are constantly breathing in cool air. 

As we are spending more and more time indoors, it has become critical to bring in that fresh air required for the body's healthy functioning. Premium Essential Oils do just that for you; by removing the stale air, you can breathe clean air that is good for your lungs and the body's functioning. 

FOREST CURE's essential oils have been proven especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin or allergic to certain ingredients used in traditional disinfection products. This way, you can ensure you are sanitized at all times without having any allergic reaction as FOREST CURE proudly employs all-natural ingredients in their products. 

Essential oils have many uses other than aromatherapy alone. It provides a long-lasting fragrance to your house or workspace. Many people prefer essential oils as a healthy alternative to artificial mosquito repellents. 

Just because it is natural does not always mean it is safe. However, the excellent scientific and research team at FOREST CURE, under renowned Dr. Hudson's leadership, has found the Premium Essential Oil collection at FOREST CURE has remarkable anti-oxidizing qualities and is considered especially suitable for people with a high level of sensitivity. 

Most importantly, FOREST CURE is scientifically proven to kill bacteria and inactivate viruses, including COVID-19. So along with wearing the mask, carrying sanitizer, and washing your hands, Premium Essential Oils are another addition that ensures the safety of your home from the deadly virus of COVID-19 along with killing other bacteria that may grow in your home, all the while keeping your safe places beautifully scented. 

Get your all-natural, plant extracted package today. The most beneficial factor of FOREST CURE products is that they are scientifically proven effective against COVID-19. Premium essential oils along with FOREST CURE’s very own, beautifully crafted practiced diffusers. Make the most of the beneficial products.  

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