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Say Hello to Our Nature-Derived Cleaning Mist!

Posted by David Li on
Say Hello to Our Nature-Derived Cleaning Mist!

Say Hello to Our Nature-Derived Cleaning Mist!

Sanitizers have become the new accessory since the pandemic hit. Its use has also immensely increased, from spraying it over the parcel you just received to constantly applying the hand sanitizer when shopping. It has become a basic need. 

Since most sanitizers contain either ethyl or isopropyl – in order words, they are made from alcohol, and they can leave your skin feeling dry and brittle for a long time. Did you know that according to the researchers at Mayo Clinic, 50% of adults already have dry skin, and the constant use of sanitizer is only adding to their demise? 

While hand sanitizers are proved to be effective in killing germs, but at a significant loss. You may have noticed that alcohol-based hand sanitizers tend to dry skin out, makes it itchy, and results in red spots that are most likely eczema. 

They say the effects of hand sanitizer are temporary. While red or discolored sports may disappear after some time, dryness can be a life-long condition coupled with symptoms such as tightness of the skin, itchiness, and constant redness, especially after a bath.

World Health Organization is not very optimistic regarding the end of the pandemic, yet, we can say goodbye to rough, itchy hands. There is no denying that sanitizers have become a constant companion. This is time to start investing in the form of sanitizers that offer more benefits than health hazards. 

Even when the pandemic ends, COVID-19 has made us realize that viruses and bacteria are far more dangerous and deadly than wars. We now understand the importance of environmental disinfection and purification. So invest in an organic, chemical-free cleaning mist and make it your partner for life.

FOREST CURE presents you with an all-natural, odor-free cleaning mist for multi-purpose. From the lush green forests of British Columbia, rich with natural ingredients, FOREST CURE collects the best natural elements out there to bring you their clean and sustainable products. 

Since 2016, FOREST CURE has been committed to building a leading brand in absolute natural products - free from all kinds of chemical interference. Our company is the first to recognize the importance of ‘public space health management to create and maintain a healthy environment around us at all times. 

We see the pandemic as a blessing in disguise as it came with realizing our unhealthy lifestyle. We are now constantly aware of washing up before eating and work towards keeping our spaces clean. FOREST CURE pioneers in working to elevate air purification to the level of air treatment and air hygiene.

In this regard, the extraordinary scientific research team at FOREST CURE has been conducting research and experiments that prove the reliability of our products in inactivating viruses and bacteria without leaving any residue.

Cleaning Mist for Public Gatherings 

The impeccable team at FOREST CURE has fused nature and technology to provide modern answers to help you in your journey to a healthy lifestyle. We recommend buying a diffuser with our cleaning mist if you are expecting a larger crowd. Our products can achieve 24/7 real-time disinfection and purification without having to remove the crowd. All of the diffusers and humidifiers are equipped with a cloud-based remote control system giving our customers easy access to operate it from any time, anywhere!

Don't be afraid of having a large gathering during the time of the pandemic because FOREST CURE, with its all organic products and state-of-the-art technology, has you covered.

Embrace Nature 

One thing we proudly claim is our collection of all-natural products. The ingredients that make our healthy and practical Cleaning Mist are in Canada's National health Product (NHP) list. 

Feel free to use FOREST CURE's Cleaning Mist as many times as you want. With its non-irritating properties, it tends to keep your skin soft and fresh without needing to moisturize them time and again. We make sure all of our products are alcohol or ethanol-free to provide you a completely organic experience, using elements extracted from the beautiful forests of British Columbia. Experience nature captured in our finest collection of Cleaning Mist, Premium Essential Oils, and hand creams. 

Let Your Skin Replenish 

The benefits of essential oils are immense, beginning from aromatherapy to their disinfecting properties. Essential oils are rapidly making their way in every industry. Similarly, FOREST CURE makes use of carefully produced essential oils in Cleaning Mist. Extracted from the most effective anti-bacterial tree species along with the coastal forests of Northern Americaour Cleaning Mist has remarkable disinfecting properties. All this while, we make sure your skin is protected. Let's be honest; your skin is the first thing people notice.  

We make sure our products provide your skin the air to breathe to prevent them from getting blotchy. It is not only anti-bacterial but has multiple benefits of moisturizing, nourishing, and exfoliating your skin. 

Rich Ingredients 

FOREST CURE products are not limited to the forests of British Colombia only. Our unique products are filled with vitamin B5 and white willow bark. We have explored the forests of Europe and extracted their pine leaf for extra nutrients for the skin. Unique fruit extract and German chamomile extract give that soothing effect to your skin. 

Breathe in Natural Scent 

We offer anti-odor Cleaning Mist, but our collection does not end there. Our long range of Premium Essential Oil is one of the ingredients in Cleaning Mist that gives it a beautiful fragrance. We have something for everyone from juniper berry oil and fresh, floral aroma to fruity scents and rose oil. 

Going green has never been easier and better for your health. Our manufacturers and researchers take extra precautions regarding sustainability. FOREST CURE is entirely natural and environmentally friendly. For your satisfaction, our complete product line's packaging consists of a label offering full disclosure of the active and inactive ingredients used. Even the fragrances are natural and nontoxic. 

To get your hands on all-natural, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle products, choose FOREST CURE. 

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